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Program Objective

Train professionals with the ability to direct, advise and execute management and negotiation strategies in areas of uncertainty and international competitiveness; applying and innovating administrative, economic, financial and marketing tools.

Admission profile

Applicant to the International Business Program  must have the following skills:

Have the ability to interest in learning a second language.

I like to know different cultures.

Basic concepts of geography and history.

Ability to negotiate.

Teamwork capacity

Interest in understanding the functioning of international markets

Problem solving, understanding, analysis and synthesis of information

have study discipline and a favorable attitude towards the acquisition of new knowledge and logical reasoning


Exit Profile

The graduate of the Bachelor of International Business will be able to:

  • Plan, coordinate and direct administrative and commercial processes.

  • Have communication skills as well as teamwork.

  • Able to communicate in English as a second language.

  • Master the administrative technology of the functional areas of the company such as marketing, finance, human resources, systems, operations.

  • Have the capacity  business analysis, diagnosis and solution of problems for decision making.

  • Have the knowledge and ability to manage organizational change, innovation and technological developments.

  • The graduate will work in corporations and companies to develop business and generate business value as well as tourist agencies and trade agreements between countries; It will improve innovation and service processes in commercial relations, it will also carry out functions of supervision, management and direction of companies and projects; further  He has the ability to perform as a consultant, independent professional and as a generator of new companies.

Cuatrimestre X

  • Estadía Profesional

  • Mapa Curricular

  • Tríptico de la Carrera

  • Manuales de Asignatura

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