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Quality politics

We are a polytechnic university committed to continuous improvement for the comprehensive training of quality professionals in adherence to regulations and social responsibility; through competent academic and administrative personnel, with adequate infrastructure for their educational, scientific, technical and intellectual property developments, considering the needs and expectations of the interested parties.

Environmental Policy

At the Universidad Politécnica del Mar y la Sierra we are committed to the environmental context, natural resources, protection of biodiversity, prevention of pollution and mitigation of impacts, in a process of continuous improvement with a vision of sustainability, in adherence to the applicable legislation.

Labor Equality Policy

and Non-Discrimination

At the Universidad Politécnica del Mar y la Sierra we are committed to promoting equal opportunities between women and men in access to education and employment, prohibiting mistreatment, violence and segregation by UPMyS authorities towards staff and among its university community, generating a healthy environment and harmonious conditions, through actions that favor labor equality and non-discrimination, establishing objectives and action plans to achieve them.

prevention policy

Psychosocial Risks

At the Universidad Politécnica del Mar y la Sierra in relation to the prevention of psychosocial risk factors; the prevention of workplace violence, and the promotion of a favorable organizational environment, the following commitments are assumed... see more

Promoter Entity of Social Responsibility

Promotes and drives a culture of responsible competitiveness that achieves the goals and success of the Institution, while contributing to the well-being of society... see more

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