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Program Objective

Training professionals of the Agroindustry  with a vision  integral pertinent to the requirements of the Agro, centered in norms of professional competition that  allow facing, adapting and solving the different situations and changes in the context  agriculture and food; as well as respond competently to the demand of the different functional areas of a company.

Admission profile

The applicant must have skills in the areas of mathematical and analytical thinking, language structure and reading comprehension; also, you must have the basic skills of mathematics and physics.


Exit Profile

The agroindustrial engineer is a professional who is trained to operate and manage agroindustrial processes and companies with quality in order to conserve, transform and market agricultural products, giving them added value, through a solid technological background that allows him to advise, train and integrate technologies to transfer them to the different social sectors, through sustainable productive projects that promote the economic development of their region. Acting with ethical principles, becoming an agent of change in their environment that fulfills their social responsibility.

English I

values of being

Office tools

Biology Foundations

General and Inorganic Chemistry

Differential and Integral Calculus

Introduction to Agroindustrial Engineering

English II

emotional intelligence

Linear algebra

Probability and statistics

Fundamentals of Physics

Analytic chemistry

Organic Chemistry

English III

Interpersonal Development

Differential equations

Statistical Methods

Research Methodology Seminar



English v

Organizational Skills

Design of Experiments

Material and Energy Balances

Physical chemistry

Quality assurance

Fundamentals of Plant and Animal Physiology

English IV

Thinking Skills

Basic Unit Operations


Agroindustrial Microbiology

Agroindustrial Biochemistry

Stay I

English VI

Professional ethics

Applied Unit Operations

Modern Methods of Analysis

Food Preservation Technologies

Quality management systems

Agroindustrial Maintenance and Safety

English VII

Stay II

Fruit and Vegetable Technologies


Design of Agroindustrial Processes

Agroindustrial Unit Operations

Administrative engineering

English VIII


Dairy Technology

Cereals and Oilseeds Technology

plant engineering

Projects management

Finance and Marketing


Meat Technology

Agroindustrial Intensive Production

Technological Link

Consulting and Training for Agroindustrial Companies

Training and Evaluation of Productive Projects

English IX

Cuatrimestre X

  • Estadía Profesional

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