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What  is?

ISO 21001 is the first international standard that specifies the requirements of a management system for educational organizations with the purpose of optimizing their service to exceed the expectations of students, academics, staff and other beneficiaries. The requirements of the standard are generic and are intended to be applicable in any organization that offers professional training and related services.


ISO 21001 promotes the adoption of a process-based approach to improve learning, which allows managing a system that contributes to the efficiency of the organization to achieve the expected results, meet the objectives and reach the planned goals. Its objective is to define a framework equivalent to the ISO 9001 standard to provide quality services.

Benefits of its Implementation

  • Helps respond quickly and effectively to the needs of stakeholders. 

  • It improves the coordination of processes, the alignment of the organization's mission, vision, objectives and action plans, as well as communication between all those involved. 

  • Maintains a process of continuous improvement based on the analysis and evaluation of information to generate optimal levels of performance. 

  • It facilitates the availability, accessibility and equity of educational services to a greater number of people. 

  • It promotes the incorporation of different learning styles for different needs and environments, promoting their involvement and inclusion in the educational field. 

  • Contributes to sustainable development that includes quality education for all

Quality politics

We are a Polytechnic University committed to continuous improvement for the comprehensive training of quality professionals in adherence to regulations and social responsibility; through competent academic and administrative personnel, with adequate infrastructure for their educational, scientific, technical and intellectual property developments, considering the needs and expectations of the interested parties.

UPMyS Quality Management System

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