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Program Objective

Train professionals with highly competitive management skills who respond to the challenges that arise in global organizations, effectively managing resources and functions through a holistic vision that allows the economic and social development of the country.

Admission profile

The applicant for the Bachelor of Business Administration and Management,
must meet the following characteristics:

  • Math skills and logical reasoning

  • Basic knowledge in the administration area

  • Basic knowledge in the accounting area

  • Organizational capacity

  • Responsibility

  • Leadership

Entrepreneurial ability.

Exit Profile

The graduate will be competent to: exercise consulting functions in companies, propose alternatives that allow the optimal development of organizations, favoring information technologies applied in commerce and business, by circumstantially managing emotions in favor of of organizational development and personal growth, with the search for solutions through teamwork and decision making.


English I

Human Development and Values

Introduction to Mathematics

Introduction to administration

Introduction to Accounting

Legal Framework of Organizations

Oral and Written Expression I

English II

Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management

Mathematics Applied to Administration

Administrative process


Commercial Law

Information Systems in Organizations

English III

Cognitive Skills and Creativity

Probability and statistics

Strategic Planning in Organizations

Administrative Accounting

Business Economics

Investigation methodology

English IV

Professional ethics

Administration and Management of Human Talent"

Cost Accounting - Products

Marketing Fundamentals

Economic Aggregates

Stay I

English v

Management Skills

Financial mathematics

Business Behavior and Development

Cost Accounting - Services

Market research

Labor legislation

English VI

Leadership of High Performance Teams


Financial administration

Salary's administration

Strategic Marketing

Quality Management

English VII

International Trade


Tax contributions

Production Management

Information Technologies Applied to Business

Stay II

English VIII

Negotiation and Business Decision Making


Administrative audit

Projects formulation

Administrative Logistics

Corporate social responsibility

English IX

Enterprise Network Administration


Brand Management

Project Management and Evaluation

Oral and Written Expression II

International Marketing

Cuatrimestre X

  • Estadía Profesional

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